Cough Drop by The O'My's


Cough Drop is the first release for Melissa and Stephen as a duo.  Recorded in the comforts of home, and mixed and mastered by Stephen himself. 

We had a lot of fun putting this song together for a Sound Cloud release, and we are excited to get more out to you!

Borracha Bachata by Melissa Mills

Borracha Bachata is an original song created from a one take improv session in the summer of 2017. This track was created by the talented Andrew Dominitz, Aaron Freedman, and Michael Leon. And later mastered by Alex Adach.

Summer 2017 Michael presented me with the track, I came in and recorded it that same day, and the boys cut together this song by that night! So after a long while of sitting on it, I present Borracha Bachata!

I hope you enjoy this different style!

Also find this song on any of the music platforms you use. 


Foreplay By R-L NessQuik Feat. Melissa Mills

Get Up By Sterovision Feat. Melissa Mills