Boston based vocalist/song writer Melissa Mills serenades audiences with sweet melodies and powerhouse vocals. 

Melissa performs her sets with a loop pedal, a ukulele, and is also joined by keyboard player, Stephen Griffin. Together they create R&B indie music that aims to warm and entice their audience.  

Melissa Mills has been exploring her possibilities in the music industry for 10 years. After 6 years with her band Soft Cactus, Melissa emerged in July of 2017 as a Solo artist. 

Melissa explores the wide spectrum of music, and passionately expresses her talents on every stage she touches. With captivatingly emotional performances, audiences are quick to stop and watch this artist unfold. Her drive and talent are undeniable but Melissa is coated in humble spirits. While she harbors a coy and shy attitude, her inner bubbly personality collides for an energy combination that entrances her audiences. This soulful vocalist/ songstress blazes new trails with a deep fire within, and she's breaking forth as a solo artist with great strides.

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